About Gamingbetas

Gamingbetas is a place dedicated to beta gaming for PC and Consoles. The aim of this site is to provide you with all currently active and upcoming betas in a concentrated and easy to navigate manner.


Searching around the internet for games I could beta test, I noticed that the information was too scattered around different sites. I actually had to do a small amount of research before I was able to find a game I liked to test, not to mention the time it took to find the information on how to apply, get beta keys etc. So I figured that there should be a place where all relevant info about a beta could be concentrated and (hopefully) updated in a regular manner. This is how the project was born.

Since then, I noticed that people started visiting the site and whenever I have time, I try to develop new features and add new content.

Who built it?

Gamingbetas is currently a one-man show and was built by me, Spyros. I am a developer and you can follow me on Twitter or if you're into various programming topics, check out some posts of mine on my blog.

Can I help?

The easiest way to help out is to just use the site, submit new betas you might find around the internet and flag games that shouldn't be on the beta lists anymore for removal.

If you want to have an even bigger impact on the site's development, be it on the content management, by writing news and reviews or just want to give me some feedback, don't hesitate to contact me! You can always reach me at gamingbetas [at] gmail [dot] com.