People who join the beta for Painkiller: Hell & Damnation will have the opportunity to be some of the first to experience the new installment in the Painkiller series by Nordic Games. 

Painkiller Hell & Damnation is under development by The Farm 51, an experienced Gliwice/Katowice (Poland)-based development studio.

Powered by Epic’s world-renowned and highly-respected Unreal Engine 3, Painkiller Hell & Damnation recreates the sensations and hardcore gameplay of the original Painkiller. Released in 2004, Painkiller won high praise and many accolades and fans for its fast and unique gameplay. Keeping true to the old-school FPS ideology, lightning-fast movement enables skillful players to get into the heart of the fast-paced gameplay, topped off with stunning enormo-boss fights requiring sneaky tactics.

“We're proud of the shiny new splendor of the game's graphics, but we're doubly proud we've made player skill the most important part of the game. In addition to the single player campaign, we're putting a tremendous emphasis on the game’s multiplayer component” said Reinhard Pollice, responsible for Business & Product Development at Nordic Games."

There is a beta key give away currently underway starting August 2nd and spanning the next two weeks. Players can try their luck and "response times" by checking out the game's forums and facebook page, where the keys will be given out in a "first come first serve" fashion.