The Extraction

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Extraction is the new FPS from Splash Damage, former known as Dirty Bomb.

Extraction takes place in the year 2020. London has been devastated by a mysterious attack, and much of the city is uninhabitable. The only people who venture into these irradiated zones are mercenaries sent in to procure or destroy sensitive data abandoned during the evacuation.

Backers of the original Dirty Bomb can simply follow a series of steps in the email that was sent out to link up their Splash Damage WarChest account to a Nexon account. This takes a couple of minutes to complete and it’s a pretty painless procedure. Once all that’s complete the 4.8Gb game can be downloaded to your PC.
For anyone who hasn’t made it into this first phase of closes beta testing, there’s a sign-up form on the Extraction site, but you’ll have to sit and wait for the invite.

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