Cube World

Starting: 2013-06-02

Cube World is a Multiplayer RPG game where you get to choose between four classes and several pets, currently the classes available are Warrior, Hunter, Mage and Rogue, on these classes you can customize your skill-build when you level up - for example you can choose to be a tank or a damage dealer on the class Warrior.

You run around in endless, randomly generated open world and fight against well scripted bosses across the map, together with your friends,
There is a lot of running around in the game, but they have made that fun with a ton of transport possibilities such as climbing, swimming, diving, hang gliding, sailing and last but not least, you can tame a pet which will not only be your companion when fighting against bosses, but also your mount.

Currently you can only be 4 people in a world at a time, but the it is planned to be increased.

It is developed by a small game development company called Picroma, which is run by Wolfram von Funck and his wife Sarah von Funck.
The game is available on Windows and Mac, but they have earlier this year said that they expect it to be developed for console as well.

The only way to get into the alpha is by buying the game, which you can do on their website.

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