The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot

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The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is a brand new Free-to-Play IP from Ubisoft Montreal for the PC that thrusts you in an outrageous medieval fantasy world called Opulencia where wealth, status and showboating are the name of the game!
As a newcomer to Opulencia, you will hack n slash your way through hundreds of castles designed by the ingenious minds of your fellow players! Don’t forget to show them who’s boss by constructing deadly keep of your very own – in this kingdom, size really does matter!
The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is in closed beta, and we are having a Haunted Open House event so everyone can have a chance to play! Sign-up now and play immediately in the Haunted Open House event between October 28 and November 4. Have you registered already and are waiting for a key to play in the closed beta? Did you participate in a previous Open House? Don’t worry! You too will be able to play in the Open House event. We’ll send you an email invitation during the first day of the event.

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