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StarMade is an open-universe sandbox free-to-play space simulation game developed by Schema, it's playstyle and graphics are inspired by the game Minecraft.
When playing Starmade you get to design and build your own spaceship which you can arm with weapons, shield dispenser and other equipment. You can use your spaceship for exploring and fighting space pirates, and if you manage to defeat them, you can steal their equipment and weapons. You can also explore the universe full of different sectors and planets, as well as build your own space station.

Additional information:
- The space is generated in real time around you.
- You can share control of your ship other players.
- You can save your ship, so you can always rebuild it by clicking a button, if you have all the materials.
- There's a radar jamming and cloak modules available, if you want to play stealth and make a sneak attack.
- You'll be forced to fight and destroy enemies spaceships in order to survive and steal their equipment.

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