Haunted Memories

Starting: 2013-09-30

Haunted Memories is a free to play action adventure game, developed and published by the indie studio MadMan Theory Games.
You'll visit the haunted realm consciously, which you can't leave again, your past, present and future will be relieved. You'll meet people who have fallen into the realm as well, you can either help them or condemn them to eternal dreaming, the choice is yours.
Find out what actually happen to Mark Slender and why he let you out from his own nightmare, you can also discover a world directed by the Haunt team.

There'll be 6 episodes, each of them is parts of your memories, these are the episodes and releases:
Episode 01 : Haunt - AVAILABLE IN EARLY ACCESS MODE (Stable release: 22/11/2013)
Episode 02 : Welcome Home - RELEASE DATE: 1/3/2014
Episode 03 : Lonely Twins - RELEASE DATE: 3/14/2014
Episode 04 : Understanding the Past - RELEASE DATE: 5/16/2014
Episode 05 : Trying to Cheat Darkness - RELEASE DATE: 7/18/2014
Episode 06 : Saved Fool - RELEASE DATE: 9/12/2014

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