Shattered Worlds strategy card & wargame

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Shattered Worlds combines an immersive SciFi setting with fast-paced card action and the tactical positioning of your units on different hex-based space-grids.

In most other games, cards are played as stationary objects; in Shattered Worlds a card becomes a spaceship you have to strategically position!

In the Shattered Worlds universe, two factions battle for control of a mysterious energy singularity and its ancient secrets: the Dominion battles to control and unleash its tremendous powers, while the Nexus fights to preserve and protect its strange energy.

These two factions consist of several alien races that each offer different gaming mechanics for players to create exciting card combinations and decks.

Combine this versatility with a customisable space-grid to plot your battles on, and every game of Shattered Worlds offers a new and challenging gaming experience!

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