Squopy (testing addictive puzzle game on iTunes and Google Play)

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Squopy is the most addictive color matching, drawing, memory recall, and free puzzle game.

Test your critical thinking, speed, and memory skills. Hone your abilities, and see how far you progress in this extremely fun, intuitive, and unique game!

*Solve, draw, and color match the puzzle before time runs out
*Includes ‘Normal Mode’ and ‘Master Class Mode”
*Unlimited gameplay- no limit to the number of levels you unlock
*Easy, intuitive, and fun to play, but difficult to master
*Beautiful colors and fun themed
*Suitable for kids and adults
*UI optimized for android phones
*No complicated settings

Master Class Mode:
*Normal mode too easy? Embrace the challenge of champions
*Test your memory skills in addition to the challenges faced in “Normal Mode”
*Unlimited gameplay

How to play?:
*Copy the pattern from the top screen to the bottom screen before the time runs out
*Draw/ trace the lines using your finger
*Erase lines by zigzagging over them
*Tap to change and match color

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