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Rock'n'Robot is a free browser game!
Everybody has an opinion about robots. Maybe you wish they’d become cheaper more quickly so that you could afford to keep one as a butler. Maybe you’re excited to see just what they’re capable of. Maybe you’re a little nervous to see just what they’re capable of.

Rock'n'Robot is a Adventure-Science-Fiction-Fighting-Browsergame. Upgrading. Going on adventures. Fighting in the Roborena against other players. As a bonus there is voiceacting. So you don’t have to wait minutes to let the timer count down to zero. Get entertained by our little audio-plays.

By increasing stats such as shield, energy, and strength, you develop your robot character from a newly minted product into a fearsome artificial intelligence. You will go on quests in order to own gold, and every quest comes with its own story. Of course you can the voice acting of – but actually there’s no reason :-)! Plus, in the interest of making the game social, there will be an international high score list. You can compete with your old friends and make new ones!

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