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Hello Aveyond Community!

I present to you our small indie project, Magecraft, which is an A-RPG, set in a medieval/fantasy world. It is being made by a tight little group of people, composed mainly of old friends, who all share this one passion : gaming.

It is not my intention to reveal to much about the game in this thread, just to avoid spoilers or anything that could ruin the playthrough experience. I will state though, that the game is not complete yet and may require tweaking. Our intention is to create a difficult, but rewarding experience. We have adjusted the difficulty after many unsuccessful run attempt by inner testers. Now enough about ourselves and let's get to the game.



The combat system, and some other parts of the gameplay, is very much so Zelda inspired.

It is pretty straightforward : you have a main weapon, on which you have plenty options depending on playstyle preference. You also have access to spells, which only a few are available for now, but more are being implanted as I am writting this.


Now the key element about the monsters in this game is the AI on which they function. Every single monster has been scripted to do particular thing. Some are very simple, like bats that just follow you and try to dodge your attacks occasionally, but the more you progress, the more complex the enemies act (trying to dodge, spellcasters "kite" you, etc.) As stated before, the game can be quite hard at times, but you almost always have the options to run past certain monsters.

Gameplay Video


Album (more screenshots than below) :

Our goal

Basically, what we're trying to accomplish right now, is to get a clear idea of what people think of Chapter 1 of the game. We look forward to hearing your feed back and will be checking the thread constantly. We take your opinion as playtester very seriously.

We understand that there are tons of games out there, and we truly appreciate the time you devote to the gaming community just by being on this forum. If you do decide to test our game and send us your feedback, you will be added to the credits. This game will always be Free to play.


For any comments, questions, recommendations or simply to chat, feel fry to email me at

Have a great day, please test our game!

~ crbox

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