Starting: 2012-08-09

SevenCore, announced to be publish in the English market by gPotato (link) almost 2 years ago in 2009, has had its Korean Closed Beta earlier in 2011. Now, players in EU will be able to beta test the game in the coming months. Beta registrations are currently open at the game's official website.

From the devs' announcement: "Sevencore delves into a vibrant world of ancient mysteries and vast landscapes with an assortment of unique mounts to raise and fight with. Monsters from the wild can be obtained and raised from eggs, becoming powerful fighting companions and skilled mounts. They gain a variety of unique combat skills which allow them to fight beside their masters or ride directly into the fight with their rider aboard in Sevencore’s singular mounted combat system.

Charge into daily Occupation Wars, guild vs guild battles that determine leadership for entire world regions, and win the power to control tax rates, item prices, and more for all players who enter your region. To win these rights, guilds will have to utilize the various skills of Sevencore’s three powerful character classes – Warrior, Magician, and Gunner – to climb their way to the top and hold their seat against opposing guilds.

Joining the beta instantly gives players the chance to win rewards like the Sevencore CBT Cloak or a specially designed Wolf Mount. This fearsome Wolf can summon additional wolves to fight with him and increase his allies’ attack power by 90% with a fearsome howl."

How do I join the beta?

In order to join the Sevencore closed beta you will need to head over to and sign up for a beta invitation up until August 2nd. The closed beta event will be starting on August 9th.
However, if you are a German or French player, you can go right ahead and join the Open Beta event, which started on August 2nd. More information here

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