Ghost Recon Online

Starting: 2012-08-03

Ubisoft’s free-to-play multiplayer shooter, Ghost Recon Online will be heading into closed beta on April 19 for owners of the game Splinter Cell Conviction. If you own a copy of Splinter Cell Conviction, dig through those stacks of games, sweep the dust off the case, crack open the box for the first time in a while and throw your copy into the disc tray. In the Main Menu screen you will see a news message announcing the Beta, press the X button and there you go, a download page will appear.

Ghost Recon Online is an FPS online game which will be focused on team-based play and cooperation mechanisms
with a total of three classes to choose from and play. From the developer diary, it seems that gadgets and unlockable
gear upgrades will be part of the game aswell.

How do I join the beta?

If you want to try out Ghost Recon Online for yourself you can signup and download the game here

Gameplay Videos

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