Is Ark Survival Evolved cross platform?

Is Ark Survival Evolved cross platform?

The premise of trying to survive on an island filled with dinosaurs is what Ark: Survival Evolved brings us right from the start, and it’s something very alluring. Ark: Survival Evolved does a very good job at bringing in the ultimate survival element by adding in dinosaurs of all kinds. And since you are playing with other people on the server, you really need to pay attention to everything, including your surroundings and where you are at that time. It’s a challenge, but quite an interesting one to say the least.

What platforms can you play Ark: Survival Evolved on?

Ark: Survival Evolved is a cross platform game, it can be played on Nintendo Switch, Stadia, Xbox One, PS4, Mac OS, Linux and Microsoft Windows, as well as Android and iOS. However, each version has its fair share of limitations, so you won’t have the same experience on all platforms. The mobile and Nintendo Switch versions for examples are watered down in order to provide support for the weaker hardware. But at its core you still have the same gameplay, which is what matters the most here.

Is there cross play enabled for Ark: Survival Evolved?

The situation when it comes to cross play is a bit different. The idea here is that you can’t play with anyone from any other platform. You have limitations based on what platform you are playing on. Nintendo Switch players will only be able to see and play with people that own the same console. They can’t play with others.

On PC you can play the Vanilla version of the game with others, no matter if they are on Steam or Epic games or the Microsoft Store. In fact, if you get the Microsoft Store version, you can play with Xbox Players. However, if you have mods installed, you are limited to the launcher that you are using to play the game. So if you play with mods on Steam, then you can only play on Steam. It’s not a dealbreaker, but it’s definitely a challenge.

When it comes to the Xbox Consoles and PlayStation Consoles, you are locked within the ecosystem. You can’t play on Xbox with PlayStation friends, and the same is the other way around. But you can play on Xbox with another Xbox friend, which is great. Having the ecosystem locked is a bit of a downer, but at least the game can be played on a variety of platforms.


At the end of the day, Ark: Survival Evolved is an amazing game and people love it just because it’s so creative, fun and different. It’s engaging, it brings you lots of creative content, and since it’s a survival game, you will find it very enjoyable, albeit a bit hard at times. Yet it’s still really cool and exciting to play through, so it’s totally worth checking it out for yourself and just have fun for a change, especially if you are a fan of survival games in general!

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