Is Outriders cross platform?

Created by People Can Fly, Outriders is a looter shooter game with action, role playing and cooperative elements. This is a game where you want to follow a very interesting story, while also using different characters that have their own different abilities. One of them is able to manipulate time, others can manipulate fire, unleash … Read more

Is Terraria cross platform?

Is Terraria cross platform? Terraria is a game very similar to Minecraft, but the interesting thing is that it gives you the opportunity to play in 2D. It can be played on your own, PVP or you can play coop and explore the game world the way you always wanted. This is a game with … Read more

Is Borderlands 2 cross platform?

Is Borderlands 2 cross platform? The Borderlands series is known for its cartoony art style, great humor and the fact that it’s a truly intense and fun looter shooter game. It’s very engaging, a pleasure to check out, and at the same time it brings you that cool, creative vibe you want to have from … Read more